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6 amazing Flavors

Packed With 21G of High Quality Protein In Delicious Bite Sized Puffs.

What are others saying

They're like Cheetos for healthy people.Dual benefit-taste good and can fill in as a light snack.Definitely recommend.

Crunchy puff good nacho flavor

After reading the reviews it just had to take a chance on these. I needed something to munch on and fill my macros without tons of carbs or fat. They are quite spicy. They taste like a HEALTHY small Cheeto puff. I would totally order them again. For what they state they are and what they’re supposed to do they are exactly as advertised. If you’re looking for junk food this obviously doesn’t taste like a greasy carb ridden cheese ball which are one of my favorite snacks.


Love this!!! First off there’s no weird smell like others have said. It smells like cheesy doritos. It reminds me of cheetos but with a slight garlic parm flavor and not as cheesy as a cheese ball. But it’s yummy. Hands down my favorite salty crunchy low carb high protein snack ever. Now if only they added other flavors to the mix. Delicious, texture reminds me of cheetos, salty and crunchy. Flavor is good. I want to keep eating them.
Now it is smaller than a traditional cheese ball, it’s like the size of sonic ice. No weird protein taste. It’s yummy and i will totally buy again.


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